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Beyond Virtual Reality
we offer Reality Made Virtual
We are world leaders in providing cutting-edge, proprietary technologies, transposing our clients’ physical reality into 360/VR through seamless, real-time, high-resolution stitching of images and videos, that will improve their efficiency and productivity.
With your reality made virtual, we enable smooth interaction with your physical environment, thus opening the door to a host of transformative initiatives, from productivity-enhancement to maintenance, and from training to remote operation.
Our unique Stereo stitching technologies offer many different applications that can be deployed in physical equipment or drivers needed across any industry.
For instance, we provide our GStreamer stitching plug-ins capable to deliver live stream in 8K 30fps for 360-degree professional cameras such as the KanDao Obsidian range (Obsidian Pro, Obsidian R, Obsidian S, Obsidian Go), Z-Cam professional range (Z Cam S1, Z Cam S1 Pro, Z Cam V1 Pro, Z Cam K1 Pro) and the Insta360 professional range (Insta360 Pro 2, Insta360 Titan, Insta360 Pro).
Our skill set makes us the perfect partner for your Spatial Computing applications,where photo-realistic likeness is critical. Technology agnostic, we can work on SC/AR platforms like Apple Vision Pro, Microsoft HoloLens, Meta Quest Pro, and many others.
Off-The-Shelf solutions
mPx Linear
Want to improve shelf management?mnm
mPx Linear uses linear stitching to transpose any relatively flat surface into exploitable data, pictures or videos.

mPx 360
Need 360° replication of your environment?
mPx 360 stitches images and/or videos into smooth interactive 360° displays of your physical surroundings.

mPx Stereo
Require high accuracy robotics? .........
mPx Stereo stitches inputs in a way that replicates human eyesight, adding depth and realism to imagery.
Applications & Use Cases
Some examples of how our technology solutions are used, to great effect, by our clients
Virtual try-ons
Virtual try-ons typically involve using augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) technology to create a realistic, 3D representation of the product on the customer's body or face. This allows the customer to see how the product looks on them and how it fits, before making a purchase.
Virtual try-ons can be an effective way to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the number of returns and exchanges. They also offer a more immersive and interactive shopping experience, which can increase engagement and brand loyalty.
Virtual 360° tour
Our cost-effective Proptech solutions offer sleek, remote, and immersive visits of any place and are widely deployed by our property clients throughout their networks of real estate agents; they are also used in the tourism and cultural industries. Our ready-to-use Virtual Reality kit takes advantage of your smartphone and allows you to get a $1000+ 360-camera for around 10x less. It is the only one in the market that offers a real 185° wide angle and it can be customized to add value to the slightest detail and demand.
Analytics on CCTV camera for the security sector
There are several types of image analytics solutions that can run on CCTV camera feeds:
  • Object detection.
  • Facial recognition.
  • Crowd analysisr.
  • License plate recognition
  • Video analytics
  • Perimeter protection
Wide angle view for better situational awareness

This wider view allows the camera to capture more of the surrounding environment, providing better situational awareness.
In applications such as surveillance and security, a wide-angle view can be especially useful, as it allows operators to monitor larger areas and detect potential threats more quickly.
Wide-angle views can also be beneficial in other applications, such as in automotive safety systems or in navigation systems for drones and other autonomous vehicles.

Remote operations of robots and vehicles

Unmanned vehicles offer security and convenience for inaccessible or dangerous environments. They are mainly drones or UGV and exploit the high-resolution feed processed by our algorithms to identify sections of sewers or specific electric power lines requiring maintenance or upgrades. They can also be used for any other application that needs isolated physical reality to be replicated and visible.

Robotic inventory management
Robotic inventory management systems may include automated drones, robotic arms, and other machines that manipulate inventory items. These systems can be programmed to perform tasks such as scanning barcodes, counting items, and moving products around.
By using robotic inventory management systems, retailers can improve their efficiency and accuracy in managing stocks and ultimately improve the overall shopping experience for customers. Additionally, they can save time and labor costs, as robots can perform some inventory management tasks more effectively.
Some Other Use Cases
Here are a number of use cases for our products from a number of industries.
Under vehicle inspection
Client required a stitching software solution, linked to their hardware, a speed bump equipped with 6 cameras filming vertically to capture comprehensive pictures of vehicles from below.
Great angle rear-view mirror for helmets
Client needed its motorbike helmet to become “intelligent”: we equipped it with 2 integrated cameras at the back. The result of the stitching is projected as a Head-Up Display, transparent in the frontal visor, as a virtual rear-view mirror.
VR helmet real-time view for cinema director
We have sold licences to a French cinema director known for “technical” short films and to the US adult industry (the only VR movies to have a public for the time being) in Los Angeles.
Wide-angle capture in stadiums
We stitch feeds from 4 Insta360 Titan cameras, each mounted in a corner of the stadium, to deliver live stream in 8K 30fps, using also an Nvidia 3090 GPU.
Everyday Spatial Computing Apps
The “must have” need for eerily realistic content on any Spatial Computing / Augmented Reality platform requires the highest quality of image stitching, as panoramic views become the norm.
Everydqay Spatial Computing Applications
The "must have" need for early realistic content on any Spatial Computing / Augmented Reality platform requires the highest quality of image stitching, as panoramic views become the standard.
How are mPx solutions used?
Our mPx stitching solutions are extremely versatile in their applications. metaPeakx products are a critical component of any technology reliant on visual input.
Below demonstrates how mPx Linear was leveraged in robots to collect live data to streamline shelving management systems.
Below demonstrates how mPx Stereo was used on board a vehicle for the film industry.
About us
metaPeakx is a software engineering company specialized in high quality image and video processing that are used in computer vision to transform digital input into human-like insights.
Our skill set makes us the perfect partner for your Spatial Computing applications, where photo-realistic likeness is critical. Technology agnostic, we can work on SC/AR platforms like Apple Vision Pro, Microsoft HoloLens, Meta Quest Pro, HTC Vive, etc…
We build on the capabilities of our sister company, Dermandar, a world leader in digital imaging technologies and renowned for its cutting-edge image/video stitching capabilities, enabled by its StereoStitch proprietary solution.
As a project house, the metaPeakx team can support you at the different stages of your project development:
Feasibility : leverage our expertise in image and video processing to refine the assessment of your needs,
Prototyping : obtain exactly what you seek through our fast-track prototyping with off-the-shelf or tailor-made solutions,
Integration : experience a seamless integration, whereby we identify your potential bottlenecks and remedy them effectively,
Deployment : test and monitor performance of your image/video processing project through specific KPI measurement and data collection tools,
Maintenance : ensure the sustainability and scalability of your project through continuous upgrades and updates.
Our team
Patrick Kedemos
Chief Executive Officer
Patrick Kedemos is the CEO and a major shareholder of metaPeakx. He is the founder and Managing Director of Avanguard Capital, a corporate advisory firm that assists companies of all industries and sizes raise capital, conduct mergers and acquisitions and commercialise their technology. Patrick sits on several boards and teaches at the University of Western Australia and at the Australian Institute of Management. He speaks seven languages and has lived and worked in eight different countries. Patrick holds a Master of Science from NEOMA and is a graduate of the INSEAD MBA.
Patrick has accumulated extensive international experience with entities ranging from technology start-ups to listed companies across a wide variety of industries, and to Fortune 500 companies such as Air Liquide and Wesfarmers. He started his career as the founder of a company providing marketing research. After selling his company, he joined Air Liquide, one of the largest industrial groups in Europe, within which he gained a wealth of experience, operating across various geographies and industries. These included roles as Sales and Marketing Manager, Financial Controller, General Manager and Strategy Manager. Patrick was then the Managing Director of AnaeCo, a publicly-listed technology company and the Honorary Consul for France in Western Australia.
Elie-Gregoire Khoury
Chief Technology Officer
Elie-Grégoire is an internationally recognised expert in real-time image and video processing and stitching. Turning his passion for mathematics and intensive computing into inventive, cutting-edge algorithms, he succeeded in powering several products of his own design: game engines, panorama software, virtual tour solutions for real-estate, just to name a few. Elie-Grégoire holds a Master of Engineering from engineering school “Ecole Centrale Paris” and a French Agrégation in Mathematics.
Elie-Grégoire started his career as a R&D engineer at Renault. His experience in Driving Simulation led him to join Ubisoft where he excelled at developing Game Engines and went on to lead the company’s global team spanning 7 subsidiaries. In 2003, he doubled-down in his passion for maths and programming by starting to teach at several universities and started hiring his top students to set up Dermandar, a Digital Image startup leader in the field of 360 imaging.

Nicolas Souchaud
Chief Revenue Officer
Nicolas boasts a distinguished record of driving revenue growth, increasing market share, and upholding brand integrity across various geographies and industries. He speaks four languages and has lived and worked in 3 different regions (Europe, Latin America, APAC). Nicolas holds a Master of Engineering from French engineering school “Ecole des Mines” and a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD.
Nicolas started his career as a systems engineer at Schneider Electric, before being promoted to Product Manager for various product ranges and again as Business Development Manager – Latin America for a newly acquired business. Following his full-time MBA, Nicolas grew his experience, operating across various geographies and technical and commercial roles for various companies. Nicolas has accumulated extensive international experience with entities ranging from technology start-ups to multinationals like Schneider Electric, Westfield (now Scentre Group) and the TKH Group.

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MetaPeakx says thanks to
We would like to thank the following providers of free libraries or services that some of our applications use:
The Independent JPEG Group
The Independent JPEG Group that writes and distributes a widely used library for JPEG image compression
Darrel Commander
Darrel Commander who writes and distributes libjpeg-turbo, a JPEG image codec that uses SIMD instructions (MMX, SSE2, NEON) to accelerate baseline JPEG compression and decompression
Mark Borgerding
Mark ( writes and distributes Kiss FFT, a very simple and efficient Fast Fourier Transform library.
Good CFNetwork API wrapper